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Thank You!

Thank you everyone who supported our mission to see the world "come together' over Brian's vision which gave us The Beatles and so much more.

August 27, 2022
Whitechapel & Button
Liverpool, England
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Statue by: Andy Edwards, Sculptor

Video by  Paul Frost

A Message From The Epstein Family

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Brian was a modest and reserved man, but as a family we are in no doubt that he, alongside his brother Clive and his parents Queenie and Harry, would have been immensely touched by the consistent efforts to pay tribute to his contribution to The Beatles and to the City of Liverpool through this statue.

His short but intense life is living history – and like history itself, it’s a story about a man at a certain time and place.

A book by Mark Lewisohn called All These Years offers an amazing insight into the rich puzzle of people, families and chance events that gave birth to The Beatles and helped shape the unique character of this city – a magical melting pot where positive energy, endeavor and talent meet and creative sparks fly.

Long may it continue!

And once again, thank you for all your efforts.



A Message From The
Willis Family


Cilla had one true love, her Bobby, but Brian came a close second. He moulded and shaped her career, which helped her become one of the UK’s biggest entertainers.

Right through her life, Cilla kept a picture of Brian on her desk in her office in London and never forgot his commitment to her.

So here is a short message from her boys:

Sorry we cannot be with you today, but just to say that we wish Marie, Andy, Bill, Tom and the team all the best with their endeavors for the statue for Brian.



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Cilla's  Statue

Edwards  & Emma Rogers 

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Future funds that are donated will be used to create a Brian Epstein Scholarship and access to musical instruments for the youth of Liverpool, England.


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