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This online store has items that have been donated to help support The Brian Epstein Legacy Project.

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John Harbourne A3 Limited Edition Print, Signed & Numbered (of 50)

SKU: 364215376135199

This is a limited-edition print of Brian Epstein, numbered and signed by John Harbourne. This print is on professional Giclée Hahnemühle Photorag paper [A3: 420 x 297].  He has created only fifty of these to help with the fundraising for the Brian Epstein Legacy Project. Funds raised will be used to create financial and musical instrument opportunities for young people living in Liverpool who would like to further their musical and business education. One copy per individual only.  Each print will have a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

Artist Statement

Artist’s statement by John Harbourne

I’ve often thought that Brian should be commemorated in his hometown for his contribution to Liverpool life and for his remarkable efforts that led to the success of the world’s most popular band, The Beatles. In the summer of 2021, I saw an online post by The Brian Epstein Legacy Project asking for donations to cast the statue created by sculptor Andy Edwards, who had already created a fantastic and popular tribute to The Beatles at Liverpool’s Pier Head. I thought I could offer my services and wanted to get involved in some way. I got in touch with Legacy Project team member Larry Sidorczuk and proposed drawing a portrait of Brian and giving permission to the team to sell prints to generate funds. I was very pleased when my offer to get involved was welcomed.

In my approach to the portrait, one thing was clear in my mind – I wanted it to be a unique portrayal of Brian and not just a copy of a well-known photograph. Actually, there aren’t that many good, clear full-face shots of him and I spent many weeks searching for just the right one. I didn’t find it. Most of the popular photographs of Brian, such as the Cellarful of Noise cover shot show him covering his face or resting on one hand – perhaps evidence of his shyness?

I set about creating a composite of Brian using his eyes, hair and smile from many different references, in an effort to show the lovely, gentle man that those who really knew him have often described. I’m happy with the likeness, which I hope conveys his sensitive personality.

As well as Brian I knew I wanted to show the NEMS storefront and an impression of his contribution to popular culture. But who else should be in it? The Beatles? Gerry, Cilla and every head he had the pleasure to have known? It could easily have started looking like the Sgt Pepper sleeve and I didn’t want too many distractions, so drew the line with his most famous stars.

I’m pleased with the overall composition and the suggestion of the Beatles in the Cavern, formed by Brian’s hands.

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Brian Epstein and The Beatles by Kevin Roach

SKU: 36523641234523

This book by Kevin Roach is the story of Brian Epstein and The Beatles. It's a must have for any Beatles library!

Author  Statement

By Kevin Roach

Brian loved the people, or he wouldn't have done what he did. What he did was to create a whole new art form from pop music.

He was more than a friend and mentor to The Beatles, he took their unique charm and messages of joy, hope and love and connected the whole world to them.

His skills in management, marketing and public relations were joyously creative and still innovative and relevant today.

He was so excited by his dream of presenting his stable of acts to an international audience that he forgot to be intimidated by any kind of prejudice; class, religion, gender and sexuality, through the world at the time sometimes offered him harsh resistance.

It is time to elevate this creator to stand alongside his creations, let those who were too young know of his achievements and let those who remember him see his beautiful face about town again.

Brian Samuel Epstein, the humble genius who died much too young. The people will always love you back.

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John Lennon The Early Years By Marie Darwin

SKU: 36523641234909

This book tells the story of John Lennon from his birth in a Liverpool hospital to meeting Yoko Ono and eventually to the breakup of the band in 1970. Again it is presented in Rhyme and in a fun and vibrant way.

A useful reading tool for younger readers, but also informative and therefore suitable for readers of all ages.

ISBN :- 978-0-9957754-4-2

Author  Statement

Marie Darwin in a Liverpool based nursery nurse. She is also a tour guide for Beatles fans, showing them the numerous iconic locations across the city. This book brings together Marie's two passions: education and The Beatles.

It was during a Beatles convention that she noticed there was nothing for younger Beatles fans, so she decided to write a series of children's books about the Beatles.Her books are great stories for all the family to enjoy together.

To visit Marie Darwin's website go to: Liverpool Tours | Marie Darwin Liverpool City and Beatles Tours

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