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by Kevin Roach

Brian loved the people, or he wouldn't have done what he did.

What he did was to create a whole new art form from pop music.

He was more than a friend and mentor to The Beatles, he took their unique charm and messages of joy, hope and love and connected the whole world to them.

His skills in management, marketing and public relations were joyously creative and still innovative and relevant today.

He was so excited by his dream of presenting his stable of acts to an international audience that he forgot to be intimidated by any kind of prejudice; class, religion, gender and sexuality, through the world at the time sometimes offered him harsh resistance.

It is time to elevate this creator to stand alongside his creations, let those who were too young know of his achievements and let those who remember him see his beautiful face about town again.

Brian Samuel Epstein, the humble genius who died much too young. The people will always love you back.


Brian Epstein Legacy Committee.

Brian Epstein and The Beatles by Kevin Roach

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  • This book by Kevin Roach is the story of Brian Epstein and The Beatles. It's a must have for any Beatles library!

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